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not finished | see more on Public:ARHUDFM Traction

Coming later

Coming soon

Preparation for the Pre-seed round

  • LinkedIn posts (links in messages to Business Angels and Partners)
  • PR News
  • Application Demo and GUI examples (6 sections)
  • Business Angels Pitch Update
  • Investment Teaser
  • Furtherium Website Update (FAQ, Features, Home, ..., new blogs)
  • Strategy Update
  • Traction and Roadmap Update
  • Onepager Update
  • Public: Features Summary
  • Public: FAQ Update

Prototype Development

  • Public:Voice User Interface
  • GUI prototypes for the apps
  • User cases / stories (13 profiles)
  • Hardware prototype

Last update


38nd week:

  • finished →15 min to read | Public:ARHUDFM Traction (new timelines)
  • finished | Wiki and Discourse (AWS, upgrade, update, settings, integration)

37nd week:

  • cloud server environment (AWS), no update

36nd week:

  • cloud server environment (AWS), no update

35nd week:

  • finished →15 min to read | Update 8/28/23 of __: This article has been updated with additional information.

34nd week:

33nd week:

  • not finished | Cloud server migration to AWS, integration between Wiki and Discourse, settings customization

32nd week:

  • not finished | FAQ, Features Summary, Strategy pages update, Traction and roadmap
  • minor edit: logo and revised on Public pages
  • not finished | Announcement letter to the mentors *

31st week:

  • Anton Donets has joined us as new mentor
  • significantly revised →more opinions required | 7-min pitch deck update
  • significantly revised →15 min to read | Calculation (market evaluation, cash flow, budget plan, fundraising plan) update

30th week:

Main milestones

Problem-Solution Fit and CustDev

  • Problem-Solution Fit confirmation from: U.S. DoD (xTechSearch 6 & 7), Defense Innovation Unit, DARPA (DSO), Lockheed Martin (VTC Systems), Planungsamt der Bundeswehr (Abt. I), Cyber Innovation Hub der Bw

List of research and inventions

Problem research Inventions
Human Augmentation:
  • Augmented Reality: vision & hearing
  • Computer Vision technologies, frameworks, algorithms
  • Computer Audition methods and algorithms
  • Head-Up Displays (holographic optics, LCoS, DLP) and wearable electronics devices features, minor vergence-accommodation conflict
  • optical effect of total reflection, without glowing holographic waveguide
  • personal and mounted night vision and vision enhancer solutions
  • tactical HUD and AR solutions and concepts
OptEng & EEE:
  • optical scheme of the light guide and light flux division with a constant focal length concept
  • three-sensor video camera (UHD, HDR, SWIR) concept
  • fading pads of the screen based on a polymer composition of electrochromic material with transparent electrically conductive layer tracks
  • active cooling system inside the sealed enclosure concept
  • power supply and battery management concept
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision & Robotics:
  • ML-based voice assistants, Generative Pre-trained Transformers
  • stereo vision, stereo cam range measurement (triangulation)
  • object, motion, flash, heat & smoke trace, facial detection & recognition
  • noises, activity, nature sounds, echo detection & processing
  • Battlefield Management Systems
  • Live-Synthetic Training Environments
  • ROS/RAS-based, drone autonomous mission control
  • adaptive methods and algorithms
  • small natural language model
  • built-in drone (land, waterborne and aerial drones) & robot & robotized turret & unmanned vehicle remote control
  • AI-based chat, mental clusterization, auto-reply algorithms
  • Identification Friend-or-Foe solutions
  • AI-based wideband RF scanning & analyzer with Computer Vision methods
  • Radio Direction Finding methods and algorithms
  • Passive Radar Detection methods and algorithms
  • RF drone detection and jamming methods, UAV / RPA solutions
  • active electronically scanned array antennas, active phased array radars
  • radar warning methods
  • RF detection protection methods
  • explosive ordnance and IEDs detection (RF, CV)
  • Identification Friend-or-Foe methods, appearance, transponder
  • embedded SDR scanner concept
  • Software Defined Antenna Rx / Tx, 2 MHz - 8 GHz, 48 patch antennas (highly‐directional RF beams, fixed & hopping frequencies) for Comms, RF scanner, Radio Direction Finding, Radar Detection, Passive Radar, Drone Detection, Remote Control
  • Handheld metal re-radiation radar concept
  • Radar warning receiver concept
  • Cross-Domain Interaction, Multi-Domain Solutions
  • multichannel and many-to-many communications
  • Speech-to-text systems
  • Software Defined Radio, tactical handheld portable & manpack radio solutions, standards, RF bands, waveforms, encryption, antennas, electronic counter-countermeasures methods
  • Instant Messaging System
  • embedded Software Defined Radio concept
Navigation & Task Management:
  • ATAK-Mil system, SDK
  • GNSS
  • maps, navigation, path tracking app algorithms
  • Task Management app algorithms
Fire assistance and ballistic:
  • ballistic calculation theory, gadgets, meteo stations, rangefinders
  • small arms features, Red-Dot & telescopic sights, spotters
MechEng & EEE:
  • Continuous Wind Capture impellers
  • four-sensor digital sight 24x (UHD, HDR, SWIR, LWIR)
  • protects respiratory organs from dust, gases, aerosols, bacteria and viruses
  • tactical headset solutions
  • the risk of barotrauma and the degree of injury from air concussion during an explosion shock wave (protection of the hearing organs, nasopharynx and eyes)
  • advanced face and head protection
  • prevention of fogging of the mask visor
MechEng & EEE:
  • built-in hands-free drinking system design
  • HEPA-14/ULPA-15 membrane design of replaceable air filters with a low resistance to airflow
  • headphones ear cups design (Audial Augmentation, ventilation, shock wave and sound overpressure protection)
Vitals Body Sensors and First Aid:
  • ECG, BP, t, StO2, ETCO2, Resp. rate, Hydratation level monitoring
  • Care Under Fire system
  • Resuscitation on the Move system
MechEng & EEE:
  • built-in 2 pneumatic pumps and NO micro solenoid check valve for pulmonary resuscitation
  • wearable automatic tourniquets for emergency stoppage of acute bleeding in the limbs with built-in sensors for monitoring vital signs
  • elastic belt with pockets, automatic infusion therapy (fluid resuscitation) system (NC micro solenoid check valve, pre-pressured container for plasma substitute and anticoagulant) with integrated ECG sensors and defibrillator electrodes, automatic defibrillator
Defense & Tactical:
  • videos and analysis from experts in the theater (Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq)
  • combat and surveillance drone application features
  • innovation requests study from SBIR, Lockheed Martin, DARPA, Vulcan-SOF, USSOCOM, AFWERX, AFC, ONR, ARCWERX, PEO IEW&S, U.S. Army PEO Soldier, U.S. Army PEOC3T, DTRA - Research and Development Directorate, Marine Corps Future Technology Office, USMC PEO Land Systems (PEO-LS), Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), DHS S&T OpEx, etc.
  • Microsoft IVAS updates, L3Harris products reviews and feedback
  • media publications
  • articles and posts on the websites of defense and security manufacturers and startups
Innovations & Estimated Features:
  • Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality (AR/MR) Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Situational Awareness, Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR), Battlefield Awareness, Augmented Warfighter Operations
  • Next Generation Identification Awareness
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Image Intelligence (IMINT) Recognition
  • Automated Imagery Analysis
  • Activity Based Intelligence (ABI), Object Detection
  • Cognitive Radio for Congested and Contested Radio Frequency Environments
  • Highly‐directional Antenna Options
  • Multi‐Domain Battle Management Team (MBMT) Mobility Platform
  • Multiple Object Tracker or Multiple Target Tracking (MOT/MTT)
  • Training, Operations, and Tactical Tools
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Medical autonomy for use in casualty care and evacuation
  • Portable and Compact Defibrillator
  • Combat casualty care technologies for use in pre-hospital environments
  • Autonomous medical systems to provide continuous care in an integrated evacuation chain with reduced manpower
  • Integrate physiological and environmental sensors into highly protective helmet systems to hyper-enable the warfighter
  • Creation of a helmet system with sensors, computational processing, integrated visuals/haptic feedback

Business and Project Development

  • Incorporation
  • Financial model
  • Business model
  • Production scheme
  • Business processes flow
  • Demos

Product Development

  • CAD model, Prototyping
  • Component and technology pre-specifications
  • Lab equipment (Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Vacuum Casting/Infusion, Injection Mold, Testing)
  • Material samples
  • Materials and components for prototyping
  • App functionality description
  • Graphical user interface description & design
  • Product Dev roadmap and backlog

Strategy, Networking, Collaboration and Mentorship

  • Mentorship program (2023)
  • Mentorship Stock Option Plan (2023)
  • Acceleration program (German Accelerator, 2022-2023)
  • Fundraising strategy and roadmap
  • Collaboration strategy and roadmap

Valuable ideas and suggestions from mentors

Problem-Solution Fit



Business Development

Product Development

Areas of research

Related fields

Future ideas

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